Here you will find information on litigation that involves or directly affects Creative Commons legal tools. Click on the link to each case name for more details on the dispute.

Country Case name License Year of resolution
Germany Gerlachs v DVU CC BY-SA 2010
Germany Spirit Legal LLP v Redacted Parties Unknown 2016
Israel Avi Re'uveni v Mapa Inc. CC BY-NC-ND
Israel No. 71036 v Newspaper CC BY-SA 2011
Netherlands Curry v Audax CC BY-NC-SA 2006
United States of America Chang v Virgin Mobile and Creative Commons CC BY-NC-ND 2009
United States of America Drauglis v Kappa Map Group CC BY-SA 2015
United States of America Philpot v LM Communications CC BY
United States of America Philpot v Media Research Center CC BY